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Transportation Management Center

The San Diego Transportation Management Center (TMC) integrates Caltrans Traffic Operations, Caltrans Maintenance, and California Highway Patrol (CHP) Communications in a unified, co-located communication and command center. The TMC is providing the communications, surveillance and computer infrastructure necessary for coordinated transportation management on State Highways during normal commute periods, as well as special events, and major incidents. The TMC is planned with the future in mind. Beyond immediately improving the safety and efficiency of the transportation system, in an emergency, the TMC becomes a command center for directing relief through the region. The TMC is designed with the latest technologies to survive earthquakes, power outages and communications disruptions. With secure communications and focused, prepared responses, the TMC becomes a valuable asset for the survival and recovery of our community. As fiber optics, video and interactive electronic and computer systems are fully integrated in the TMC in the coming years, and more agencies tie into the systems, it will prove its value for our safety, security and survival.

The Center utilizes the following elements:

Interconnect Solutions was the subcontractor that installed most Communications and Electronic Systems in this facility.